Friday, April 16, 2010

he calls himself "ABANG"!

A story to share with everyone. I find it funny actually. And weird, i might add.

Yesterday, while playing with Ryan at home, I asked the normal question which I always asked him ~ "Who are you?" (with my hand pointing at his chest). Normally, he would happily answers "PAPA" and points back at his chest. Haha. Weird isn't it? He enjoys calling himself "PAPA" k. And everytime, dgn muka dia yang sangat bangga lagi! Despite numerous attempts of correcting him, he still calls himself "PAPA"! LOL! Suke hati u la baby.

Nway, back to the story... when i asked him the same question yesterday, this is what he replied ..


Wow!!!!!! Terkejut beruk i! And not just me; my mom and little sister were shocked as well! Did he sees something someone in my belly?

 *The boy who calls himself Papa; and his Grandpapa ~ Papa as well.
Our guess, he dotes his Grandpapa so much! And of course,
the Grandpa is extremely happy with our assumption :)*

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

rindu RINDU

Again, another update from our most recent (and quick) KL trip. We set some time aside to meet up a close friend of my mom-in-law's. Had our lunch cum dinner at a restaurant somewhere in Ampang. The food wasn't that great but the meeting was fun! Everyone, meet Rindu Nur Fitrah ~ Ryan's new girlfriend. Hehe.

*Hi everyone! I'm Rindu. :)*
She is soooooo adorable k. Her big eyes mesmerizes me. Bulu mata panjang dan lentik giler. Tak payah pakai mascara / eyebrow curler. And Ryan, gosh.. super gatal that day! Keeps on touching Rindu sambil buat muka geram (this one for sure follows his father's attitude). haha. Plus, he even shared his food sambil ada adengan suap menyuap lagi! Lol! Rindu is definitely on my mom-in-law's top list rite now. ;p

Other shots of the day :

 *Ryan parading his mobile ~ Dear, Rindu nak the real wheels*

 *Rindu loves Grandma*

*The proud grand-moms with their grand-child*

Rindu, we all rindu u already.
Till our next meet!

Monday, April 5, 2010

lunch on Ryan

On our last day in KL (yess my dear friends, I was in KL last week but it was a really quick one), we head to The Little Penang Village at The Curve to fill our grumbling tummy (and also to satisfy my cravings for assam laksa *nyum*nyum*; which in the end I had nasi goreng instead. lol!) Everyone ordered their own dish and we even get some side orders to start with. The food was great and we were satisfied in no time.

Cutting the story short, it's time to pay our bill. We were all in a shock when the waiter told us that someone else had paid for us. Terkejut mak naa! As far as we could remember, there were no familiar faces in that shop at that time. Siapakah orang ini? Free-food-angel maybe?

Dengan confusenya, kami ajukan bermacam-macam soalan to the waiter. Ye la... mane la tau orang tu tersilap bayar / was actually pointing to other table ke.. But suprisingly, the waiter was really really sure that it was meant for us to makan free when he said the mystery man actually pointed to Ryan and said "pay for that table with that little kid". waa..... imagine how terkejut I was at that time! What did my son do to have us deserve all this? (chewah, ayat poyo! ahaks!) Believe me, he wasn't at his best behaviour through out the lunch time ~ been throwing his foods to the floor, banging the cutlery against my plate at all the chances that he could get, and stirring my soya bean as he wishes. Huhu.. kesian I. Tak dapat makan dengan aman. But despite all that, I still love you baby.

Anyway, to the mystery Mr. "J" and friends (J is the only character my husband managed to decipher from his signature), thank you so much for the lunch. Semoga Tuhan murahkan rezeki anda sekeluarga dunia dan akhirat. Amin.

And oh, to my only sunshine, keep doing what you're doing.. Next time Ami nak makan free lagi k. Haha!

ps : Husband, i know the clip disturbs you.. Jangan marah k. This is the only time I can bully my sunshine. Nanti dia dah besarr dah tak boleh dah! Love you both!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ami vs Yaya

Ryan is 17 months old now. He's always busy playing in his own world + membebel ntah pape. He's like our own little parrot at home; learning new word each day and can almost recognises everyone in the family. Tapi yang sedey nya, up till today, he still can't call me AMI (ami means mom in Urdhu). Yup, he can say :

 --  Abah
 --  Mama for Grandmama
 --  Papa for Grandpapa
 --  Nana who is my youngest sister
 --  "Tik, Tik" ~ his own version of cantik
 --  Twog means Throw
 --  Dok Dok whenever he wants to duduk
 --  Iyyiee when he sees our cat Billy
 -- 'nass' for panasss (together with his hands covering his head when we are under the sun)
 -- aaiiiiiyuu for I Love You

He even barks like a dog when he sees one and keeps his toys back when he's done playing with it.

Taaaaaaaapppppiiiiiiiiiii,  bila suruh dia panggil AMI, this what comes out from his mouth "YAYA" ~ which is what my family calls me at home.


aaaiiiiyyyuuuuuu too baby

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Well, i'm not the superstitious kind of person. Hmm,, who am i kidding? I AM the superstitious type. I still believe that singing in the kitchen will end you up with an old man, a black cat crossing your path or a grasshopper enters your house at night means a bad spirit is about to get you, playing under the table will stop you from growing (i guess that explains my height ~ dulu suke main masak2 bawah meja. pastu, asal merajuk / tak dapat brg yg diidamkan, masuk bawah meja! haha.. mcm org heran je dudok bwh meja tu.), etc.

Is it wrong to have such beliefs? Hmm.. *pondering*

First Post

Welcome to Syahirah's post! (Cheh mcm ade org je nak ikot kn.. ntah2 sape Syahirah pon org tak kenal! huhu.) FINALLY, ade jugak blog sendiri. All these while, I've been reading other ppl's blog ~ from Cik Puan Mude Azra to Mummy Intan to Mama Dayang to Mahir is Great blogss, sehingga la ke aktiviti membaca ramdon blog! (Gile membosankan hidop gua) Siap tag their blog as favourite lagi k! Yup, i know it's pointless to be telling all these. So i guess let this be it for my first entry.

Maybe lepas makan nasik karang idea akan datang mencurah2.

PS : whoever wonders sape-ka yang menulis entry dibawah ini, jawapan nye adalah (drumroll plss..) MAHIRDA! hohoho. Thanks pek for helping me out with this blog. Almaklum la... Aku ni kan bute IT (Malu.malu. mcm nak terjun bangunan je rase)!  Nwayssss, lurv you pek!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mari menulis.

Ke hadapan sahabat baikku, Syahirah. Diharap saudari sihat belaka di sana. Haaha.

Pek, here's a kick start to your blog. Start writing k. I'll be your constant follower.

Btw, here's a little idea of what topic to start. U can write about how u had mistakenly eaten something else thinking it was chocolate when you were little. Remember? That will crack up everybody! Haahaha.. *kidding*... Huuhu..

Call me should you need any help here k. Btw, I've fixed 5 fishes for you, colourful ones.

Oh, don't worry about this post. Just go to list of post, then click on delete.